Armads of clan Steelbeard, son of Ranbek Steelbeard, was a dwarf chosen by the Marthammor Duin - the exarch of Moradin - to assemble the legendary heroes known as the Flames of Besilmer, formerly the Flames of Red Larch.

Armads grew up in the great dwarven city of Eartheart in the Great Rift region of the Shining South. Armads filled many positions in dwarven society during his youth: soldier, smith, acolyte - but never managed to excel in any of them. That is until he received a sign from Marthammor Duin forcing him to leave the city.

Armads is not a smart or well-cultured man, but he is kind, stern, forgiving, diligent, understands people, and leads with a cool head in battle. It is due to these things, along with a connection to an ancient bloodline that he was chosen by the spirit of King Torhild Flametongue to lead in the rebirth of the long lost kingdom of Besilmer and to wear its crown.

Armads owes the Flames of Redlarch much, and it is due to this - in addition to the dogma of racial acceptance preached by the followers of Marthammor Duin - that each of the legendary heroes is permitted station in Besilmer whose power rivals that of the king himself. The Flames sacrificed much for Armads, and he will forever be in their debt.

Armads rules as fairly as he can, but shortly after the defeat of the threat of the elemental cults, Armads split his power, creating the position of Lord Protector of Besilmer and appointing the hero Elkas Leed to this position to help keep his power in check and to represent the wishes of the people.

Armads, when not dealing with the duties of being king, can be seen having a drink with his old allies, displaying their power in grand shows and festivals, and spending time with his children and wife, the newly resurrected Tetra Ironside.

Armads wears his title of Phoenix King with pride, and in it sees great value in appreciating the endless cycle of life, death and rebirth. Besilmer, his wife, and he himself on a number of occasions have come back from the dead, fires burning brighter than ever before.

Though, this phoenix's light may now be little more than embers. Armads suffered great physical trauma during the battle against the cults, even sustaining some injuries that even magic struggles to heal, notably his left eye, which was burned away the first time he glimpsed Marthammor Duin's holy fire. Armads despite his young age is beginning to feel the consequences of his warring, and unknown to most, may be quite ill.