Glamrimm Flametongue, prince of Besilmer and son to the "The Phoenix King of Besilmer", is one of the people sent into Barovia, notably against his will, to deal with the dream plan subbed of the material plane.

Out of all of his clan, he has by far the worst reputation: Glamrimm is well-known as a hedonist - abusing alcohol, sex, and magic - and is famed for his wild parties and orgies. Notably, he was rumored to have been imprisoned by his father for a time, but these claims have never been substantiated.

Glamrimm is also noted to have quit training under the legendary hero Balasar The Golden, in order to take up a life of debauchery. It is not known how he developed his bardic magic, never having been formally trained - failing at his one attempt in learning formal magic under the tutelage of the gnomish wizard, Namfoodl Ningl.

Glamrimm seemly disappeared for a span of several weeks, before reappearing with a few new scars and much more powerful magic at his disposal.

To his his father the king’s surprise and pleasure, upon his return, Glamrimm enlisted in the Besilmerian army - clearly a cover, so that he could return to his own ways without his family bothering him.

On Glamrimm’s return, he brought back a woman by the name of Ireena Kolyana. Despite being openly and often visibly lovers, Kolyana left Glamrimm after a few short months, when a pregnant half-orc named Kirosha Tantur showed up on their doorstep to punch Glamrimm in his face.