Life In Besilmer

Iskandar grew up with his many siblings as the poor son of a prostitute In Red Larch. They had barely a door to their home, but they were happy. That is until a gold dragon, claiming to be Iskandar’s father arrived on his birthday. As a gift, the dragon awakened some power within his son and left. Iskandar lost consciousness, and when he awoke, everything he knew and loved were burned to ash.

Iskandar was thereafter taken in by The Vale of Dancing Waters where he learned the morals and beliefs of its leaders under the close tutelage of Ranbek Steelbeard, the father of the king, high priest of Eartheart, Master Rune Scribe, and curator of the Vale.

As Iskandar grew to old to stay at the Vale’s orphanage, he was taken in by a traveling Paladin, and member of the Besilmerian Inquisition, Tamar the Silver. Tamar trained Iskandar, and they traveled the land together working odd jobs, hunting sources of dark magic, and eventually becoming lovers.

Upon hearing of a prophecy of a great beast that would bring calamity to the lands, Tamar and Iskandar traveled back to Besilmer to slay the threat. Upon their arrival they found a small boy, living lavishly under the watch of several priests in the Veil. Where Iskandar only saw a spoiled child, Tamar saw a monster. She raced at the boy to slay him where he stood, but Iskandar’s body moved before his mind could react. The following melee ended with Isksndar’s victory, and Tamar’s death.

As penance, King Armads Steelbeard forged the blade Dor-Barath (Silver Blood) from Tamar’s own sword and her blood that Iskandar had spilt. As long as the sword exists, Iskandar is bound by oath, to guide and protect the boy he fought to save.

The Entolean Inquisition

No one expects the Entolean Inquisition.