Kreodinn, before he was Kreodinn, was Climber, a young dragonborn in the legendary Shochrasyi clan in the Underhold. As a neglected runt, he always caused trouble for his elders and siblings. One day, he ran away from home, returning only a day later to find his whole clan slaughtered. He discovered his still dying mother, whom gave him the final egg of the Shochrasyi clan, containing his younger brother. Raiders caught sight of Climber, and he was forced to flee, but not before declaring his new name: Kreodinn the Clanless.

After days of traveling on the road, ragged and hungry, Kreodinn happened upon a rich-looking carriage with a shadowy feminine form inside. He begged for food, but the woman was seemingly only interested in the egg that the boy carried on his back. After slight hesitation, he sold the egg to this dark lady before continuing on to the next town.

While eating in the tavern there, he heard rumors of a "Monster Under the Bridge," and how everyone should stay away from the bridge leading into town during the night. Curious, Kreodinn went to the bridge, and he heard the ominous, ghostly warnings from the monster to leave. With one huff of pure lightning, Kreodinn scared the fake monster out from the shadows. The monster was only a tiefling female child. She had no name, family, or home. Like Kreodinn, she was just looking to survive day to day. Kreodinn gave her the name "Soti," or monster in Draconic. For years, they stuck together, earning coin through their combined talents of brawling and trickery.

However, tragedy would soon befall Kreodinn again when the village was attacked by raiders. Soti was determined to stay in the destroyed village, finally finding a home for herself, but Kreodinn was looking for revenge. He called Soti weak and left to join up with a wandering group of Besilmerian knights, lead by a man named Johnathan.

Throughout the years, Kreodinn would join and abandon various military groups before making his way to Entol. There, he did various tasks for the local leaders before falling to a cult of Mechanus, only to be reborn as something more powerful and less free.